On behalf of myself and the entire management team here at The CORE Institute, I am happy to provide this letter of recommendation.

As you know,The CORE Institute is way beyond the typical medical practice so we have very diverse insurance needs. Your willingness and ability to understand our business,coupled with your product knowledge has been invaluable to us. Your customer service is excellent. Your response times and recommendations are immediate and, oftentimes, preemptive. In fact, your progressive approach to understanding new coverage options and bringing them to us for evaluation has proven to be timely for our business. You have proven yourself as a trusted partner and ally.

We wholeheartedly recommend you to any medical practice.

It is a great pleasure to work with vou. We wish you continued success.

Thank you and Keep Life in Motion!®

Lynn Harle
EVP Business Development & Facilities
The CORE Institute
Center for Orthopedic Research and Education


I have worked closely with you for my entire five years of employment at Rockland Flooring. During that time I have seen your expertise regarding market trends, coverage issues, claim handling, and renewal strategies. I continue to be impressed with your insurance knowledge and highly value your opinion. In addition, you have taken the time to become very knowledgeable of our business and industry. This is critical in understanding our insurance needs. My questions have always been answered promptly, and you always make me feel like we are your most important client. Rockland Flooring does not consider you to just our insurance broker; but rather as a trusted long term partner.

I would gladly recommend you to anyone seeking insurance services.

Brian Paulson
CFO & Treasurer


I have worked with you for over twenty years.  You have always provided top notch service along with excellent customer service from your staff. Over the years I know I have called with many questions and you have been able to answer them without hesitation. This is a result of your knowledge of your products and how they can work for me.

I am very happy to share my experiences with anyone that wishes to contact me.

Best wishes for continued success.


Dwayne Hendricks
President Hubbeii/Tyner