Professional Liability

Professional Liability, E & O, and Medical Malpractice Insurance

Nexus Partners Insurance is an independent agency with extensive experience in professional insurance, errors and omissions and medical malpractice insurance.  If you would like an evaluation of your risk and insurance options, please contact us today and schedule an appointment.

After conducting an evaluation of your professional exposure, your agent will compare appropriate malpractice/liability insurance quotes from various companies. In addition to professional liability insurance, the agent will advise you on related matters, such as errors and omissions (E&O) coverage and the limitations of general liability insurance for your organization.

Who should have professional liability insurance?
If you give professional advice that could result in financial damages to others, you need professional liability insurance. Accountants, lawyers, architects, engineers, appraisers and other business consultants are just a few of the professionals who require professional liability protection. If an architect created a faulty design that resulted in building collapse, his professional liability policy would cover any resulting financial damages. Or, if an accounting firm provides an inadequate audit that results in credit being extended and financial losses ensue as a result, the accounting firm could face professional liability.

Wondering if you should be protected by errors and omissions insurance?
If your advice or services could potentially cause bodily injury or financial damage, you’re at risk. You may need a specialized policy to extend liability protection for the risks unique to your professional line of work.  If you answer “yes” to any of the following questions, or if you have any question about your exposure, please contact us for a no-obligation consultation to determine if you need E&O, professional liability or malpractice insurance.

Could your services and/or advice cause a client financial loss?
Could a design error made by you have consequences for a customer?
Could an omission on your part lead a client to make a bad decision?

Who should have errors and omissions (E&O) insurance?
If you provide professional advice that could cause a client to experience a financial loss, E&O protection is needed. Architects, engineers, business consultants, technology consultants, software designers, manufacturers and contractors are all strong candidates for errors and omissions insurance. For example, a refrigeration contractor steps out of his usual pure construction role and advises a superstore in the planning of the refrigerated sections of a new distribution center. If his advice results in financial loss from equipment breakdown, lost goods or business interruption, the contractor could face E&O litigation.