Health Care Reform

Nexus Partners Insurance devotes considerable time and energy to staying current on the complex and dynamic changes resulting from Health Care Reform, PPACA, the Affordable Care Act, ObamaCare, or whatever term you may prefer.  We receive guidance regularly from sources like the National Association of Health Underwriters, General Agents, legal counsel, carriers and HHS.  We keep current with the latest trends in compliance and look for legal, cost effective strategies on behalf of our clients.  We hold periodic live interactive Health Care Reform seminars and will continue this valuable and informative service.

A Nexus Partners Insurance client enjoys the benefits of our consultation with regard to plan requirements, employee notices, potential penalties, and much more.   We have cost modeling calculator tools to assist in this effort, and can talk you through the differences between the rules vs. the realities of these legislative and industry changes.  Be sure you have a qualified professional in your corner that is focused on this critical element of the benefits equation!