April 22nd, 2013 by admin

Employers face many considerations when selecting their company benefits options, and asking the right questions is essential to “dial in” the right plans.  It is important to sort through whether the goal is a rich and comprehensive benefits program, or whether bottom line costs will drive the plan design, at both the employee and company levels.  Factors such as out-of-state employees (or dependents), ongoing medical concerns, current and previous carrier experiences, and employee feedback are important to consider to avoid making a regrettable carrier and plan choice.  You can be confident that the professionals at Nexus Partners Insurance will help you sort through these scenarios to avoid any pitfalls, and should an unforeseeable problem come up, that is when we really show our value, using our network of carrier partners to work their magic behind the scenes so you aren’t faced with a critical, often time-sensitive situation.

Nexus Partners Insurance can help the employees as well, from explaining the benefits options, features, and premiums during their enrollment, to claims assistance and network navigation to best use their coverage.  We make it a point to highlight the value of being part of a company that offers a benefits program to the employees, the advantage of Section 125 pre-tax benefits deductions to reduce the cost to their take home pay, and we take pride in treating our role as a benefits concierge, not a salesperson.  At the end of the day, all insurance, be it health, dental, life, etc., is managing risk.  With health insurance, one is betting that they will get hurt or sick, and the carrier is betting they won’t.  We help the employees evaluate their situation, including any health concerns and their risk tolerance, so they can make informed choices.